Engineering Excellence


Touch screen




Smart mirroring

30 trekking course

Wireless charging

3 User mode

4 Exercise mode

23" capacitive touch screen
30 trekking courses in North America and Europe
Non-slip belt
Smart mirroring/Bluetooth earphone
Belt auto tensioner (Patent No. 10-0869281)
Mobile phone wireless charging system (Galaxy 6, iPhone 8 and later products available)
Rear safety guard
Wireless heart rate
Dual speed slope button

LT8xA specification

Specification Dimensions : L2,110 x W920 x H1,620mm (L83" x W36.2" x H63.7")
Running Area : L1,600 x W540mm (L63" x W21.3")
Unit Weight : 206kg (454lb) , Max User Weight : 200kg (440lb)
Speed : 0.5~20Km/h (0.3~12MPH) , AC3Hp (MAX10.5Hp)
Incline : 0%~16%
Input Power : AC220V, 50Hz~60Hz, 10A
Monitor : Embedded 23" Touch screen
Feature 30 Virtual Reality Courses from World-Renown Destinations Keeps User Inspired and Engaged in Their Workouts
Integrated Wireless Charging Station for Android Devices
USB Port for Media Devices and Headphone Port
Handrail Mounted Stainless Steel Heart rate Contact Sensors and Wireless Heartbeat Telemetry Receiver
Handrail Mounted Speed & Incline Adjustment Buttons for Added User Convenience and Enhanced Safety
Emergency Stop Button with Safety Tether & Clip
Durable Urethane Handles Offer Soft Tactile Feel for Comfort & Safety
Premium Full Commercial Urethane coated Running Belt for Plush Feel with Patented Anti-Static Maintenance-Free Deck (Patent No.10-0607876)
7 Selectable Languages : English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Russian
Display Display : Android UI
Exercise Information Display : Time, Distance, Calory, Speed, Incline,Heart rate measurement
Screen Mode : Basic, Exercise(Graph), Exercise(30ea Ofvirtual Active Course), TV, Movie, Mp3, Internet, YouTube
Exercise Mode : Manual, Slope, Hill, Mountain, USER 3